About MBA Sales Bootcamp

This is the no-nonsense MBA Sales course designed to get you up-to-speed quickly so you can crush your MBA program! You've done everything you can to succeed in your MBA program on the math side, but what about real people skills and the ability to close multi-million deals?

Mission & Vision

You've studied hard to get a top GMAT score (I never took it!)

You've spent weeks crafting your admissions essays

You've researched the hell out of which school would serve you best

You've rehearsed tirelessly so you'll ace your interviews

And it finally paid off when you received your acceptance letter! Congrats, future leader, the journey is about to begin

Learn how to close BIG sales!

But there's only one problem. MBA programs barely teach you the fundamental of sales in business! That's right; you will learn some soft skills, but during COVID and online learning in the future, will they ever expose you to the secrets of sales? The lifeblood of EVERY organization?