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Everything is sales

Everything is sales. Some people get slightly startled when they hear that statement; nonetheless, it's true. Everyone is a salesperson. Matter of fact, we begin selling as early as age two. Just this morning, my two-year-old began selling me on why he should use my iPhone to watch Youtube kids!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and the late Zig Ziglar is notorious for saying, "Everything is sales." Ever since I heard him say that in a podcast nearly five years ago, it has completely changed my mindset. I interpret my surroundings through the lens of sales. The art of selling is not limited to products and services, but it extends much farther and deeper into our everyday lives and even outside the business context. It extends to our most personal and intimate relationships, ideas, and even movements.

For example, most relationships involve a great deal of selling one another daily. For instance, during the beginning of COVID, my friend and I ditched the gym and started hiking at a local state park. It became lackluster and all too familiar for me after a few months, but my friend was content on remaining at this one particular park. After much discussion and a few heated debates, I convinced him to expand and explore other beautiful state parks and trails within our area. It took some time, but I had to sell him to another state park. Think about other the end of the spectrum. It seems the world loves the power couples. There's just something about them that makes us intrigued, happy, or even jealous. Nonetheless, when it comes to our most intimate relationships, one party usually sells the other party on why they should remain together and even go as far to make the relationship more robust with a commitment that may lead to marriage. From what I read nowadays; it seems marriage is on the decline. However, think about a marriage proposal for just one moment. Someone gets down on their knee, presents a shiny ring, and ask the other partner for their hand in marriage. It either results in a yes or no. If the person says yes, then they said yes to the sale being offered. We sell our partners on why we are the best partner and why someone should commit the rest of their life with them. Everything is sales.

How about ideas? Many of us are being sold on ideas regularly by our friends, family, colleagues, teachers, strangers, and almost everything we encounter daily. Uncle Joe might try to sell you on some ludicrous idea on Thanksgiving this year! What about the last book that you read? The author has some agenda they are trying to convince you of; even this brief blog post has an idea trying to be sold. Everything is sales.

Lastly, movements are one of the most powerful forces humanity has encountered, and they will continue to proliferate our society until a change is enacted. The last six months has proved to be an unprecedented time when COVID and racial injustice took our nation off guard. Movements have emerged from the shadows to eradicate injustice and bring awareness to our implicit biases. Nevertheless, these movements are selling us ideas because EVERYTHING is sales. If you are interested in learning more about sales, I encourage you to check out my sales boot camp that will introduce you to some of the basics of sales and start implementing them in your life!

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